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On Saturday December 7th, I had the pleasure of hosting G.L. Lambert’s Solving Single event! If you’ve never read his blogs, you HAVE to check out where he shares much needed and very valuable advice for women. His blogs are NOT for the weak hearted woman, or those who aren’t ready for the truth. His cut throat, no nonsense approach will have you picking your face up off of the floor (at least that was my reaction).

Although he keeps it raw and real on his blog, his book Solving Single offers solutions to the most common problems that single women face. No matter your background, race, education level or city of residence, most women are dealing with the same issues and making the same mistakes. His event on Saturday gave him an opportunity to share insight on some of the recent issues his clients are facing. His advice for the evening was: Don’t put pressure on yourself when dating. Don’t go out every night with the intention of meeting Mr. Right. Take your time, enjoy yourself and do what makes you happy. The ladies were able to take it all in and let it all out! A few let out their frustrations with dating, especially in ATLANTA. We talked about how difficult it is to see through the BS here, and how easy it is for guys to get with several women. Again- a lot of the women shared the same experiences.

I really enjoyed connecting with the ladies who attended the event and I definitely learned a thing or two from G.L.! It’s time to stop making excuses and start taking action, so be sure to get your copy of Solving Single HERE

Here are a few of my favorite blogs from, check them out. WARNING: If you are easily offended, DO NOT READ! (You’ve been warned LOL)

You are pussy until proven wifey

The End of Excuses


photo 2 (10)

This dress was a gift from my mom, MAMA DID GOOD this time :-) LOL

LOVE LOVE LOVE Ashley Mac! Of course she came out to support me at the event (although she was afraid of what G.L. might say LOL)


With SO much LOVE,




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